Extended UTF-8 Symbols
ə ə  ə   schwa
ŋ ŋ  ŋ  eng
ă ă  ă  a-breve
ā ā  ā  a-macron
ä ä  ä  a-diaeresis
ĕ ĕ  ĕ  e-breve
ē ē  ĕ  e-macron
ĭ ĭ  ĭ  i-breve
ī ī  ī  i-macron
î î  î  i-circumflex
ŏ ŏ  ŏ  o-breve
ō ō  ō  o-macron
ô ô  ô  o-circumflex
ŭ ŭ  ŭ  u-breve
ū ū  ū  u-macron
û û  û  u-circumflex
′ ′  ′  single prime
′ ′  ′  single prime bold
″ ″  ″  double prime
″ ″  ″  double prime bold

The table displays symbols that I want to use when writing about sounds of English. These are not 8-bit codes, and it may not be clear to HTML users that displaying these symbols is even possible. The corresponding 2-byte codes are not listed in any HTML reference that I have seen. They are supposed to be available in UTF-8, which WordPress does support and they do seem to display correctly, at least in the browsers that I have been able to test with. Still, the best laid plans gang aft agley, so if the display isn’t correct in your browser, I’d appreciate it if you would send me a comment to that effect, letting me know what you see, and what browser you are using.

The first two columns in the table show the actual hex and decimal codes for the symbols. They’re presented here for you intrepid bloggers who would like to use them in your own blogs. It’s not hard to do this. Just enter the appropriate string to display the corresponding symbol. For example, you can insert “ə” or “ə” to display the symbol for a schwa (“ə”)


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